Whether you need to maintain optimum environments at your facility, monitor remote site conditions or assess your energy utilizations, Optimized Solutions will have a solution for you.

Optimized Solutions provides assembly line monitoring and control systems for integrated data acquisition and control from various processes. The system helps to ensure consistent quality at optimum efficiency for the end product on the line

Improve Reliability. Visualize Assets. With a proper asset monitoring solution in place, businesses can get deeper information about their assets, know about asset health, availability, productivity, and location; all of it accessible to them from a single point

Our designed and developed smart solutions do a consolidated monitoring of retail infrastructure and applications using real-time analytics and connect individual technologies at the store to monitor, direct and streamline in-store and merchandising activities.

Substantially enhance your energy efficacy usage, achieve operational excellence and reduce your company's carbon footprint with our Smart energy Monitoring solutions, which provide you remote access from multiple devices and any location.

Process monitoring detects faults and determines the root causes of these and as such is essential for any production facility. Tailor made analytical solutions are the key to higher production efficiency, enhanced safety and environmental compliance

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Our Corporate Headquarters is in Ahmedabad with our presence panning all of India. We have offices in Pune & Bangalore with residential sales offices in multiple cities.

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